Humanitarian Awards Global

Most Distinguished Change Makers / Women in Africa 2020-2021

”And yet.. another honour and lime light in recognition of the impacts of the selfless team of English Develoment Centre – Praia and the Federation of International Gender and Human Rights in Cabo Verde. The co-founder and the Executive Director of English Development Centre – Praia, who is also the Consul General of the Federation of International Gender and Human Rights, Princess Olawunmi Adewoyin has been recognised by the Humanitarian Awards Global as one of the 50 most distinguished change maker / women in Africa, alongside the Deputy UN Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed and the Director general of the World Trade Organization, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

On behalf of the entire team of English Development Centre, I heartily congratulate you Madam Princess Adewoyin, realiable, dedicated partner and ofcourse my dear wife/life partner.


Prince Olugbenga Adewoyin – Board Chairman

E-Women Sustainable Digital Empowerment Program

Turn your passion into a successful business. This program will educate and train the women to be self-sufficient and to be able to compete better in their profession. This program will also work with Telehealth and bridges the gap to mental and physical health to ensure that women stay healthy and progress to acquire more sustainability for themselves and for their offsprings.


Women are home makers and while nourishing and ensuring the well being of their entire family, they often leave their careers to focus on their homes. For most women, it is difficult to focus on their careers while taking care of their homes. This eventually makes them loose their professional identities.

Program Objective

The e-women sustainable digital empowerment program aims at supporting and empowering women with focus on the leadership style to let them fulfil their dreams and turning them into full-fleged women-prenups with many lucrative opportunities

It is a 3 months online business startup program composed of 12 modules. each module is one hour based on motivation, manifestation, goal setting with hand on demonstration and worksheets for accountability.

Ghazala Khan

Mind sciences leadership coach & business growth consultant. The Next Generation Leaders

Princess Adewoyin

Teachers Trainer/Educator English Development Centre

Program Content
E-women sustainable digital empowerment program content
Registration and enquiry

Contact the admin, English Development Centre at 3rd floor, CVTelecom loja, opposite plaça center, Palmarejo, cidade da Praia, Cabo Verde. E-mail: admin@edccv.org Telephone: (+238) 336 20 48 or Whatsap +238 972 13 93.

Seasons Greetings

Wishing you all our esteemed clients, our beloved students, collaborators, partners and the general public happy holidays. We are expressing our sincere gratitude to you for your confidence and collaboration. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2022.

Desejamos a vocês  um Natal muito especial e um próspero ano novo de 2022. 
Gostaríamos de agradecer sinceramente por sua confiança, colaboração e apoio à EDC em oferecer treinamento de qualidade em inglês para nossos queridos alunos.

Por fim, com o coração repleto de elogios, toda equipa da English Development Centre deseja-lhe BOAS FESTAS.

Cambridge English Test @EDC

English Development Centre conducted one of the Cambridge tests today 4th December 2021 at the EDC premises in Praia Cabo Verde..

A number of candidates registered and logged into Cambridge English Test Portal and had the avenue of writing the first Cambridge test in Cabo Verde. Interested candidates and institutions in Cabo Verde can assess a couple of Cambridge Tests and teacher training courses through English Development Centre.

Cambridge English paths; How English improves people’s lives.

‘We help people learn English and prove their skills to the world. It’s about learning, growing, improving and mastering English. It’s not just about the tests and exams, it’s about breaking barriers. It’s about your achievements and your dreams. EDC, giving you an edge.

EDC Global Youth Ambassador

Meet Namara Lwansa, the Global Youth Ambassador of English Development Centre.

Namara Lwansa, a student from Tanzania is a writer, a speaker and a poet. Her work has been published on several platforms and she has spoken in several development summits.
Namara’s interests revolve around the concept of advocacy,inspiration and empowerment. She is mostly interested in the concept of empowerment because she believes empowerment is the key to the growth of the youths as it is a broad topic that can spread throughout different fields. She has a Blog on the frontrunners innovate magazine and she is also a youth development leader in frontrunners development Inc.

Extraordinary General Meeting

English Development Centre held an Extraordinary General meeting on 24th of October at 16:00GMT. Seven board members were in attendance and unanimously endorsed the agenda that will set the cause of action for 2022. The meeting was presided by the Board Chairman, Prince Olugbenga Adeyinka Adewoyin. In attendance were the executive director Dr. Olawunmi Princess Adewoyin, Barrister Ojuolape Situ, Eng. Osvaldino Afonso, Ms Ana Bernardeth Tavares, Mr. Admar Silva Spencer Brito, Mr. Daniel Cardoso Borges which accounted for 80% of the board. Two (2) new board members were introduced and warmly endorsed by all the board members present. Dr. Fatima Damaguda Ibellogo Tor and Scientist Auwal Garba Hussain constitutionally became non-Executives Directors of English Development Centre on 24th of October, 2021. By endorsement of 80% vote of the General Assembly, Engineer Osvaldino Domingo Afonso and Ms Ana Bernardeth Tavares assumed the position of Vice Chairman and the Secretary of the Board of English Development centre EDC Praia respectively.

Photo Gallery

Hearty Congratulations

President, Republic of Cape Verde Dr. José Maria Neves

The Board and Management of English Development Centre EDC Praia heartily rejoice with President José Maria Neves and congratulate the people of Cape Verde on the victory of Dr. José Maria Neves in the absolutely free and fair October 17, 2021 Presidential Election in The Sovereign Republic of Cape Verde.



LONG LIVE Presidência da República de Cabo Verde


Prince Olugbenga Adeyinka Adewoyin

Chairman, Board of Directors

English Development Centre EDC



The Adjectives

The Use of Comparative Adjectives

Mastering English converstion

First we need to understand that there are three levels of adjectives. They are the adjectives, comparatives and superlatives.

Examples can be seen from the table below:

The AdjectivesComparativesSuperlatives
BeautifulMore beautifulMost beautiful
InterestingMore interestingMost interesting

Mastering the rules of the language

Learning the rules and culture of a language

Please also note that we have the regular adjectives and the irregular adjectives. The regular ones follow the order of ”er” for comparative and ”est” for superlative. The irreglar adjectives don’t follow this order.

Examples of common errors with the use of comparative adjectives;

Driving is more easier than walking. This is wrong! The correct structure is ”Driving is easier than walking”.

Other common errors are;

  • Peter is more smarter than his brother. “Peter is smarter than his brother” is the correct structure.
  • Reading with my glasses is more better than reading without my glasses. Please note however that we have some irregular verbs that we use ”more” and ”most” for as shown in the table above.

For better understanding;

visit us at rua ilha do Fogo, Palmarejo to registered for training sessions or subscribe for our online sessions at https://edccv.org/schools/mastering-english/

Confusion in the use of fell and felt

Fell is the past tense of fall while felt is the past tense of feel.

Master your vocabularies and avoid the misuse of words such as confussing the word fell with felt as shown in the examples.
Common errors


Paul has broken his leg, he felt from a tree. This statement is wrong. The correct statement is; Paul has broken his leg, he fell from a tree.

Yesterday I fell the pain after the surgery. The correct statement is; I felt the pain after the surgery.

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