English Development Centre offers your children this unique opportunity to learn and to improve their knowledge of English language. Due to covid19, we are offering a limited number of vacancies for children of ages 6 to 11 and also for teenagers of ages 12 to 18. A limited number of 6 students would be admitted in each of the two groups to guarantee maximum spacing between learners and also to ensure that adequate attention is given to each student. Candidates living outside of Praia, Cape Verde can register for our online sessions. Our online students enjoy the same quality of teaching method and materials. Free learning materials are available for students and they also enjoy the new minecraft world, English Adventure with Cambridge that helps young learners practise their English skills in a way they will never forget.

Guarantee your child’s space for this unique program, only 6 spaces are available.

For more information contact us via admin@edccv.org This program begins on Tuesday 1st of June, 2021.


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