Effective Communication For Schools Management and Teachers

Effective Communication

Communication is a complex process that continually occurs in modules especially in an academic world. When we think of the people involve in teaching and learning, only the teachers and the students come to our minds. In the context of young learners and teenage education, parents and carers are very important stakeholders that must be giving attention in our communication.

Effective communication is a professional training course that teaches the channels of communication and the impact they have on the messages we send and receive. Mastering the art of effective communication requires knowledge of verbal and non verbal skills, along with the ability to be a good listener.

Effective communication evicts confusion

Effective communication must be clear, concrete, concise, considerate, coherent, correct, and complete.

Effective Communication evicts confusion

Course Outline

  • Significance of Communication
  • What is Effective Communication
  • Communication elements and Audience Consideration
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Communication
  • Misconceptions of Communication and Due Diligence
  • Conclusion

Course Outcome

  • Add emphasis to communication using appropriate body language
  • Avoid the use of distracting body language
  • Send clear messages
  • Maintain congruent communication
  • Listen actively
  • Use space and context strategically while communicating
  • Reap the rewards of effective communication

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