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In a recent visit to the office of the Minister of Education, republic of Cabo Verde. The Chairman, board of directors of English Development Centre H.E Adeyinka Adewoyin had a close door meeting with the honorable Minister of Education, Dr. Amadeu Cruz.

The visit of Her Excellency, The Secretary of State for Social Inclusion, Republic of Cape Verde, Dr. Lídia Cristina da Cruz Brito Lima de Melo, to EDC.

Dr. Lídia Brito Lima’s official visit


The board and management of English Development Centre visited Escola Capelinha in the centre of Praia, the capital city of Cape Verde. In a very productive atmosphere and passion to construct a better future for the students, the management of the school agreed to capacitate the teachers with Cambridge Teacher Development course.

Humanitarian Services

Donations of School To 1000 Kids



Workshop & Banquet

Equal Oportunities, Diversity and Social Inclusion

English Development Centre in collaboration with the Federation of International Gender and Human Rights, New York city and Follow The Money Cape Verde held a special workshop and a banquet in advocacy for equal oportunities, diversity and social inclusion on the 10th of September, 2021 at Pestana Tropico, Cabo Verde.

The event was presided by Her Excellency, Dr. Lídia Cristina da Cruz Brito Lima de Melo, The Secretary of State for Inclusion, Republic of Cabo Verde.

Panelists includes Dr. Carla Carvalho, a senator at the National assembly, Republic of Cabo Verde, Dr. Rosana Almeida, the president of ICIEG – Instituto Cabo-verdiano para a Igualdade e Equidade de Género, Dr. Princess Olawunmi Adewoyin, Consul General, the Federation of International Gender and Human Rights.


Equality, Human Rights and Justice

English Development Centre and the Federation of International gender and Human Rights, in a joint collaboration with CIGEF – Centro de Investigação e Formação em Género e Família, Universidade de Cabo Verde, and Follow The Money Cape Verde held a seminar on Equality, Human Rights and Justice on the 28th of February, 2022 at UniCV, Cabo Verde. The 2 hour event was rounded up with a closing remark by the Consul General of the Federation of Inteernational Human Rights and Gender, Dr. Princess Olawunmi Adewoyin.

His Excellency, Amb. Dr. Samuel Lamptey, ECOWAS Special Representative to Cape Verde made the opening of the event at about 4:15 p.m GMT just after Prince Olugbenga Adewoyin, the board chairman of English Development Centre had welcomed the special guests and the distinguished invitees. Special thanks to the director of CIGEF, Dr Clementina Furtado (Phd) for the coordination of the event. The panelists include Dr. Hernâni Oliveira Soares, the president of the Bar Association of Cape Verde and Dr. Marlene Almeida, the Director-General of the Department of Polical Justice, the Ministry of Justice, Cape Verde.

In attendance was Amb. Julia de Assunção Machado, the Ambassador of Angola in Cabo Verde, Dr. Nelson Moreira, the Mayor of Ribeira Grande de Santiago, República de Cabo Verde, Mr. Alcides Oliveira, ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Dr. Maria Augusta Monteiro, the representative of the Ministry Health, Cabo Verde, representatives of Câmara Municipal da Praia and the representatives of community associations and Civic Society Organisations.

In commemoration of the 2022 African liberation day, English Development Centre in collaboration with partners launched the first edition of an annual seminar tagged AWAKE AFRICA.

Present at the event were the Honourable Minister of Justice of The Republic of Cape Verde, Dr. Joana Rosa, The Residence Ambassador of ECOWAS in Cape Verde, Amb. Dr. Samuel Lamptey, the Vice Rector of the University of Cape Verde, Prof. Sandra Freire, H.E Prince Olugbenga Adewoyin, The Board Chairman of both English Development Centre and International Human Rights Movement, Dr. Princess Olawunmi Adewoyin, The Ambassador of Federation of International Gender and Human Rights FIGHR and The Executive Director of English Development Centre, the board and members of English Development Centre, Members of FIGHR and IHRM and the distinguished hosts, Dr.Neth Furtado of the University of Cape Verde as well as Dr Carmen Barros, the President og Higher Authority for immigrations in Cabe Verde.

A warm welcome address to the event was delivered by the board chairman of IHRM, H.E Prince Olugbenga Adewoyin. Awake Africa first edition event was declared opened by the ECOWAS residence Ambassador, Amb. Dr. Samuel Lamptey after given a profound lecture on the history of African Liberation Day. The honourable Minister of Justice, Dr. Joana Rosa in the true spirit of African liberation shared an holistic view on the rights of immigrants. Dr. Elisa do Santos, a medical practitioner and Dr. Carmem Barros shared the round table on an open lecture about Maternal and Infant rights. The first edition pf this event (year 2022) ended with the closing remarks of Dr. Princess Asdewoyin.

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