The Adjectives

The Use of Comparative Adjectives

Mastering English converstion

First we need to understand that there are three levels of adjectives. They are the adjectives, comparatives and superlatives.

Examples can be seen from the table below:

The AdjectivesComparativesSuperlatives
BeautifulMore beautifulMost beautiful
InterestingMore interestingMost interesting

Mastering the rules of the language

Learning the rules and culture of a language

Please also note that we have the regular adjectives and the irregular adjectives. The regular ones follow the order of ”er” for comparative and ”est” for superlative. The irreglar adjectives don’t follow this order.

Examples of common errors with the use of comparative adjectives;

Driving is more easier than walking. This is wrong! The correct structure is ”Driving is easier than walking”.

Other common errors are;

  • Peter is more smarter than his brother. “Peter is smarter than his brother” is the correct structure.
  • Reading with my glasses is more better than reading without my glasses. Please note however that we have some irregular verbs that we use ”more” and ”most” for as shown in the table above.

For better understanding;

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