Welcome to EDC – CABO VERDE

No one is left behind, quality education is for all !!

EDC is a specialised language centre evolving into the first English International School in the Republic of Cape Verde, guiding school kids, youths and professionals to achieve excellent communication skills in English and obtaining internationally recognised qualifications. We are becoming an Education hub in Africa accommodating International Students within the continent of Africa and also attracting interested students from Europe, North and South America, Asia.

Our Vision

To be a reference for quality education in the world; giving an edge to all our students, graduates, staff and mananagement as well as the education sector of Africa.

Mission Statement

Building self reliance and sustainable capacity in children and youths through an encompasing quality education intertwined with cultural advancement, human rights awareness, gender equality, pyschology and entrepreneurship.


We are a non-profit making institution that is deliberately constituted and established for the development of English language and culture in Cape Verde whose official language is Portugues and Kriolo being the language widely spoken on the streets and most homes in the country. English is a global language and a tool for education, mobility, employability and opportunity. An improved English language education system therefore is a very important key to creating a sustainable economy and providing opportunities for young people.

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We teach English language and culture in a dynamic way. With a strategic partnership with Cambridge Assessment English we are building the teachers capacity in English communication skills and teaching abilities that guarantee great learning impacts in the students. By projection, we hope to present the first set of students in Cape Verde for Cambridge Tests in November 2021.

EDC – Your reliable partner.

Lifelong Learner

Whatever your plans are, we guide and go with you all the way.


We help people learn English and prove their skills to the world

One on one with the trainer

General English

Be inspired and see how people master their stories with English communication skills and an international qualification to prove their level.

It’s about living the life you want. It’s about learning, growing, developing and becoming something greater. It’s about your achievement, your dreams.

Soft Skills

 Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills

This is particularly relevant
to developing countries, which regard English as the key to higher value, knowledge-based economic activities which
can accelerate progress up the value chain.

Business English

Group class face to face and online

With the acceleration of globalisation and the integration of the world economy, English is increasingly viewed a means of achieving competitive economic advantage.

English has also become a key strand in the debate on what makes good human capital and what skills are needed by labour in order to produce economic value. English skills can attract mobile flows of capital and inward investment from multinational firms. English is also often cited as part of the ‘21st century skill set’, and a ‘must have’ for participation in the global knowledge economy.

Teacher Training Program

We help teachers prepare for a lifetime of success in the classroom. Driven by our belief that better teaching leads to better outcomes for learners, we work closely with teachers to help people learn English and prove their skills to the world.

Train the trainers online courses with Cambridge

University and College Admissions Program

Choosing the Universities to apply to can be confusing. Confused about what colleges are looking for in your application? We would guide and teach you strategy on choosing safely and reach schools, assuring that you have at least one suitable college to attend. We have college admissions planning tool that lets you:

  • learn statistics about the schools you’re applying to
  • find new colleges to apply to
  • keep track of all your application deadlines
  • see the required essay prompts, and get our advice on what to write

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